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Culture & Traditions

Blochziehen „Bloch-Pulling“ in Fiss

Blochziehen The „Blochziehen" in Fiss is one of the most famous very old, original carnival traditions in the Alps. It belongs to the eight most famous carnival traditions in the Tyrol. Every four years the feast takes place on the

last Sunday in January. During „Blochziehen" 35 metre long trunk of a stone pine is pulled through the village.


It is a fascinating play of colours and masks representing the good and bad forces, the fight of the residents against the hardness and cruelties of winter, the desire of spring to come, to till the fields and the farm becoming fertile again. On the day of the procession, the participating figures assemble at the village centre and – at the command of the wagoner – the "Bloch" is put into motion by numerous masked persons. Witches and devils ("Schwoaftuifl") attempt to hamper the moving of the "Bloch". Playful elements are not only an essential detail, but also serve as entertainment for the spectators. Once the "Bloch" has arrived at the school house, it is then auctioned off.



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