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Hiking Tours


Furgler (3,004 m)

Enjoy the breath-taking panoramic view! From the mountain station of the Lazid gondola, and after an easy, short hike you reach a steep incline headed northeast to Lake Tieftal. The incline leads to the peak passing through boulder.


The descent is also possible by way of the north ridge with a little easy climbing to Furglerjoch (2,748 m). You then reach Lake Furgler by way of the Furgler valley, which is usually covered in snow. This is followed by an easy hike back to the Lazid mountain station or along the Murmeltiersteig back to the Komperdellbahn gondola middle station.


Hiking time: approx. 5-6 hours from the Lazid mountain station (there and back)


Rotpleiskopf (2,936 m)

Hike from the Komperdellbahn gondola middle station on the 702 long-distance hiking trail to the "Untere Glockhäuse" junction. Continue on trail no. 22 to Urgjoch (2,759 m) and via Geröll and partially via Schneefelder until you reach Kübelgrubenscharte. Hike a small way down to the trail that leads from the Ascherhütte lodge, and then back up to the peak.


Hiking time: approx. 7 hours from the Komperdellbahn gondola middle station (there and back)


Spinnsee (2,542 m)

From the Schönjochbahn mountain station, go southwest a few minutes by way of the Gratsteig to Zwölferkopf. At the junction choose the path via the southern slope to Zwölferjoch. Continue on the Urgsteig to the northwest slopes.


Shortly before the bottom of the valley you head back up at the Brunnenjoch junction. Continue up to the Spinn lakes, following the tributary, and you will see Upper Lake Spinnsee behind a ridge (2542 m).


Hiking time: Upper Lake Spinnsee 2.5 hours, Schöngampalm 5 hours from Schönjoch


Urgtal (1,884 m)

The Urg Valley, a high valley, which due to its hidden location, has been spared from interventions, must be mentioned here as an oasis of tranquillity for all nature lovers. Deep-blue mountain lakes, crystal clear streams, untouched Alpine flora and shy wild animals create a self-sufficient natural landscape there that is protected by the majesty of the mountain range.


The Urg Valley is a starting point for numerous hikes:

  • Rotpleiskopf
  • Spinnseenweg
  • Brunnenkopf
  • Planskopf
  • Thialkopf
  • Ascherhütte via Spinnscharte


Verpeil (2,025 m)

The Verpeil lodge lies in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, surrounded by a side valley of the Kauner Valley (Feichten). From the Kauner Valley centre go right, past Hotel Lärchenhof and continue on for approximately 2-3 hours until you reach the picturesque lodge.


Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday life...


Tours starting from Verpeil:

  • Mooskopf (2,532 m)
  • Madatschkopf (2,783 m)
  • Verpeiljoch (2,825 m)
  • Madatschjoch (3,010 m)
  • Sonnenkegel (3,135 m)
  • Rofele (3,353 m)


Hexenkopf (3,035 m)

This is the fourth-highest mountain in the Samnaun mountain chain. From the mountain station of the Lazid gondola, head west via the wide path until you reach the Scheid. From there, continue along the long-distance path no. 712 to Arrezjoch (2,785 m). Continue along path no. 26 to Masnerjoch (2,685 m).


Then continue west over boulders, and later northwest to the eastern ridge and on to the fore-summit. Climb this and make your way down through the channel headed north to the saddle between the fore-summit and the summit. From here continue straight up to the cross on the summit of the mountain.


Hiking time: approx. 8 hours from the Lazid mountain station (there and back)